About us

Buttonery is a Spanish clothing brand where the protagonist is you. We customize products to make them even more yours. We offer current, unique and high quality garments. That makes us different? We import fabrics from Argentina and we make them in Spain with skins under the seal of Ubrique. Whatever you are looking for, at Buttonery you will find something that you will love.

Our company is made up of young people who, with enthusiasm and enthusiasm, work daily to provide their customers, like you who are reading us, quality products, good service and the possibility of making unique garments. From Buttonery we are committed to offering all our customers a high standard of excellence, quality and safety in their products, and to communicate with them in a clear and transparent way.



In this year 2020 and taking into account the current global situation, from Buttonery we wanted to collaborate with the association Caritas specifically with the Montequinto-Dos Hermanas (Seville) delegation in their project charity market. We are aware that today there are many families with very serious financial problems in their homes and that they need us, not only our company, but also the rest of the companies, individuals, freelancers and anyone who can and wants. 

From the association Caritas organize a solidarity lunch in which anyone who wishes can participate, that is why we provide the information and the link where to participate for all Buttonery customers who want and can participate.


Also in the near future, we have projects to launch some products for the benefit of other associations, NGOs, etc. For us, being able to contribute our grain of sand and more in these difficult times for everyone is an important mission in our day to day.